There is no more powerful process for leadership growth than engaging in a CEO team that utilizes coaching and peer to peer mentoring in a shared values environment.

The facts are stunning. Members stay for years. The average is 6 years.

Why do they stay?

Their businesses grow faster than those leaders’ companies that are not on teams. The result is more time and more money.

They find a community that relates and understands the challenges of leading.

Their wives find friendships as well.

Most importantly they discover that God has designed them to be leaders and that their businesses are a place of creativity and relationship that honor God in the process.

Who is a good candidate to be on a team? Leaders who might identify with the idea of being a “special forces” Christian CEO or president. Members are leaders of humility, competence and drive. They want to operate a better business and draw closer to God. It happens all the time.

There are many alternatives in the marketplace for developing your leadership. I am familiar with most and am available to assist.

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