What is your focus for the next season? Might Christian CEOs, presidents and business owners be the right market for you to serve? Might Convene be the right tool for you to do that work?

These are the questions that are central to the journey for many “half-time” leaders. A central part of Marc’s work is to process these ideas with leaders across the country. The most common regale by Convene leaders who are leading Convene CEO teams is: “This is the best work I have ever done!” The work is highly relational utilizing both a one to one coaching element and a peer to peer monthly board of advisor day to impact business owners towards business performance and an eternal perspective.

The work is 7 to 8 days a month and generates $100K + revenue with a full team of 16 Forum members. Most Convene Chairs like the “portfolio” work at this stage in their careers and add a consulting and or coaching practice to their Convene work. The flexibility is most attractive as is the community of Christ centered leaders who help one another grow through community and then power of the Holy Spirit.

Marc leads the process for Chair Selection which culminates with 4 days of Chair Training every quarter.