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  Are you a business professional, entrepreneur,

or a creative visionary looking to take yourself to the next level?


  • Are you starting a new business or growing an existing one?

  • Are you stuck and wondering what is the best next step?

  • Are you looking for direction, for “Blue Ocean” and the motivation to make a pivot?

  • Could you use a better plan and process to get you there?


As a business owner I get what it’s like. I have built two multi-million dollar enterprises and exited both well. The road is challenging. I needed help. When I found help things got better, moved faster and there was peace.

We all start with a dream and then the dream meets reality. Often in that battle our dreams start to shrink. Possibility thinking is replaced with circling the wagons. We experience the insanity of expecting different results while continuing the same practices. As we manage our work and thinking and often our creativity shrinks and anxiety grows.

We think back to our original goal to become an entrepreneur. The idea thrilled us. We dreamed about working less, earning more money and having more freedom. We knew it would be worth the pain to live the lifestyle we desired!

The idea and dreams about taking more vacations, spending more time with family/friends, and simply getting to do all the things that bring us joy was fuel for our fire.


  Are your dreams still possible?

Living your dream is possible with possibility thinking!

Expanding ideas – Expanding Thinking – Getting Unstuck

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You see, I meet a lot of people – going to conferences, seminars, and networking – and I’ve witnessed so many professionals who fall short in their success because they haven’t learned to do the most important things that will give them the greatest return on their investment.

Instead, business owners are doing the following costly mistakes…

·       The founder or owner is not investing in personal development nor properly training their employees/team

·       They think they can do it alone in order to save money by wearing all the hats

·       They are not open to new ways of doing things

·       They are not leveraging other people’s skills and knowledge in order to save time, money, and avoid headaches


Hopefully we come to a point where enough is enough.  We seek a new path. We seek to break through.

Is now the time for you?

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Marc Ottestad is a seasoned leader with 45 years of successful business building through team development and offers coaching, tools and resources that help business leaders achieve their goals. 


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