Simply Win

SimplyWin is a simple online solution that helps bring out the best in people, teams, and companies to better achieve their goals. Results experienced include record revenue growth, better teamwork, and more engaged people. Chris Duncan, the CEO, is a dear friend, believer, and way smart. I encourage you to take a look!


 Convene is the premier Christian CEO forum group in the nation. The combination of leaders, content, speakers and member alignment make the process a game changer for participants. Greg Leith is the CEO and understands the faith work opportunity better than anyone I've ever met. I have many connections across the country and would be honored to help you explore.

Marketplace Chaplains

A simple and powerful way to care for employees. The concept of showing up with no agenda other than to care results in a better culture, employee retention and satisfaction and when the time is right an eternal conversation. Contact my dear friend and champion bronco cowboy Jason Brown.

Impact Foundation

Impact investing - putting capital to work in businesses and charities that seek a measurable social, environmental and/or spiritual gain alongside financial return. This is a new arena for investors and those seeking investments that could change the world. The CEO is Jeff Johns and is a conversation that may change your perspective.

Cerius Interim

Looking for talent to take your company to the net level, call Cerius. With access to thousands of top talent C-Suite executives Cerius can build a bridge through interim placement, consulting or permanent that is unmatched. Call CEO Pamela Wasley and connect with a leader who can be integral to the hockey stick growth curve you desire.


How about an outsourced sales team that can move the needle on customer acquisition? Sales can be torture so why not let the professionals take the ball and hold them accountable. All the above is possible. Reach out to Ken Schmidt and learn from a sales champion who can join your team when you join his.


Where to go to get the marketing direction to take your company to the next level? Here is the answer, Pneuma 33. Pneuma 33 is a full service advertising agency ready to guide you through the complex worlds of marketing delivery opportunities. Contact Chris Conant who is a serious, spirit led marketing man and so much more.

Kurzen Group

EOS is the execution system of the last few years assisting business owners on taking goals and moving them forward. The system was birthed from the best selling book Traction and has been well received nationally with many consultants using the process as their foundation. My nod goes to Wayne Kurzen and his team. Give Wayne a call and get moving forward with great traction.