Coaching is a powerful partnership.


The process creates a disciplined process of thinking, reflecting and strategizing.

What is most important now?

How to prioritize the present challenges and opportunities!

Every session the client selects 1, 2 or 3 topics to brainstorm around, to clarify and develop strategies for execution. Then comes the commitment to the best next step.

Most clients find the process creates positive results and reduces frustration.

The clients that receive the greatest benefit create goals that and are well defined and are within reach over the next year. Those goals are usually in 3 areas of life:

  • Specific Organizational Target - Revenue, Customer Acquisition or Margin are common BHAGs

  • A Specific Personal Leadership Development Target - Connecting to God, Improving Communication, Planning, Values, Vision Casting, Physical Fitness or Friendships are areas that many select.

  • Relationship Synchronicity - What relationship if improved or leveraged would have the greatest impact. Sometimes the client is part of the relationship but often the relationship is between 2 important people that he/she can impact.

Ideally clients declare ONE goal in each category creating clarity and growth in important and balanced areas of life.

Coaching is about maximizing potential.

I love coaching and being coached.

Today I have 2 coaches that work with me to help me improve as I serve others.

Client Testimonials


I find Marc Ottestad to be an incredibly resourceful, and thoughtful business coach. His patient listening skills provide space for an entrepreneur to share important central business challenges using words often difficult to find in the first iteration.

I never left a session without something applicable to pursue. It was either a book that fit a specific vacancy in my business strategy, or a professional resource that filled a role that was missing on my team. Marc’s sales background and his temperament for being methodical has been a necessary contrast to my natural leaning towards big vision and gaps in execution. He knows how to keep me honest and encouraged at the same time.

Sanford D. Coggins
Founder & CEO, VisionWise Capital
Orange County Multifamily Funds I, II & III


Marc’s coaching creates clarity in thought and actions. His approach keeps me focused on what’s really important in my business and life. He has helped me navigate my latest business venture at Black Star with a target of 10-figures, legacy and freedom. He is a resource, coach, and friend that I value and would highly recommend.

Mike LeMaster
Managing Director
Black Star Asset Conversion & Appraisals LLC


Marc is a skilled professional. He's been a partner in my business life; not superimposing an agenda from some outside source, but helping me to articulate my purpose and vision. Then he stays with me, walking through a process leading to success and accomplishment. The results are real. He's smart and insightful, a winsome motivator who reminds me that I'm capable and on the right track. If you are looking for something close to that, invite Marc into your world. You'll drop me a thank you.

Ken Kemp
Kck Marketing


As a former World Champion athlete, an accomplished business leader with multiple board and CMO responsibilities that include delivering double digit growth, I was very intentional when seeking a coaching relationship. I have known Marc for 15 years and have always respected him as a faith at work leader and innovator.

Always seeking growth and recognizing the coaching movement I decided to find a coach.

After the first session I was enlightened and surprised. Not only at Marc’s expertise in coaching and asking the right questions but how much I needed someone to help me in areas of struggle – some known and others unseen. It should have been a no-brainer to have a business coach on my team especially having come from the world of sports where you have a coach for everything.

My confidence and accountability keep improving. I highly recommend allowing Marc to “get into your grill” and help you achieve the next level of success God has intended for you.

Jason Brown
Chief Marketing Officer
Marketplace Chaplains