Enjoying God

I was recently encouraged to think about my relationship with God as one of enjoyment. The whole idea left me somewhat confused.

I enjoy my grandchildren. Two wonderful little girls who see life anew every time I see them, which is weekly. This is time I look forward to with great anticipation and fully expect to enjoy.

I enjoy my children. My son is preparing for marriage, wow! My older son is navigating small business and caring well for his customers, great. My middle daughter is mothering, “wifing” and preparing to graduate from college. So much chaos and growth is circulating throughout her life. Now those are experiences I enjoy – chaos and growth.

I enjoy me wife as we have found a rhythm that allows us to be individuals and a couple. Seems so simple today.

So much to enjoy.

I think there is something about identification that makes enjoying rather simple. I have experienced similar and yet different stages of life that those I love are experiencing in a new way.

I don’t know if I can “identify” with God. Is identification the path towards enjoyment?

My relationship with God is more reverential. I am in awe of the Almighty.

My thoughts about God go towards creation, provision, healing, forgiveness, the supernatural. It seems like I enjoy the results but enjoying the Creator of the results seems a little off to me.

The closest I get to the concept of enjoyment is the idea of joy. I do count my trials, my tribulations and my challenges as joy. It feels like a godly invitation towards perspective and I get that all my opportunities for “joy” are miniscule when weighed against God’s gift of grace.

So, I thought I would take a run at enjoying God today.

The result was my conversation with God was somewhat different. It felt more like a friend, like a mentor, like a confidant. I shared my feelings a little more freely. I even laughed out loud once and was more expressive. I found the experience hopeful.

I am still confused about enjoying God.

I think God is enjoying my process.

I think I will continue to practice enjoying God and learn what the idea and feeling of enjoying God means to me. Where will I end up with the relational idea of enjoying God? I have no idea.

Maybe you could give it a try and let me know your thoughts.