Making Your Values Make a Difference - the power of allignment


How are you making use of your values? Do they enhance your environment?

 I’ve been writing about leading by your values in my recent posts. Leaders who follow their values are seen as authentic, and are appreciated because they’re genuine and trustworthy. They set a vision based on value-oriented choices and hone in on a path for the future.

 As a leader, your values establish your organizational culture. You set standards for what is right and wrong; just the kind of leadership people seek. The virtues and principles you stand for can help you establish organizational goals. By being the example of honorable values, you motivate staff to implement your vision.

 Valuing people builds the relationships that create engagement and investment. An authentic, relational culture fosters value-based responses, accountability, and higher accomplishments. The values of trust and respect forge truthfulness and a focus on people. Leaders who earn the trust of their people experience a special unity that enhances their entire organization.

 Put your values to work in your leadership style, decision making, and goal setting. As the people in your organization recognize, respect, and adopt your values, they are embedded in the organizational culture.

 Renewing Your Values

 As a leader, you grow into your leadership skills. If you’re anything like the clients I coach, experience and tenure give you the opportunity to see how your values evolve. Wisdom comes from successes and failures, and leads to the understanding that some things are more meaningful than you originally thought.

 Remember every action you take is a reflection of a value you hold. The challenge is to link your actions to values. When you do you will discover the power of alignment. Doors will open to untold opportunities. Most often the value that unleashes the power of alignment is TRUTH. When the value of truth is held, believed and acted upon organizations explode.  When employees can safely share reality suddenly your team will solve challenges that were the barriers that have limited your growth.

 This is the biblical call to speak the truth in love and grace.

 Is truth a value in your organization?

 Another biblical call for an anchoring value is healthy relationships.

 Understanding that relationships are vital for you and your organization leads you to place a higher value on people. Perhaps some relational failures came with a heavy price. By reflecting on your actions, you may find that you do not value people. This epiphany is difficult for many leaders and quite humbling. Watch your actions and  connect them to your values. The process may re-establish the importance of engaging and helping people. Everyone benefits from your renewed perspective.

 Are healthy relationships a value in your company?

 How about humility?

 If you have learned the hard way that taking credit for the contributions of others causes them to distrust you, your values probably need review. Valuing humility and trust more than you once did can be a change brought on from past mistakes. Everyone has some character flaws. Great leaders learn from their mistakes and evolve their values.

 Values are worth assessing regularly. Take stock of yourself, what you stand for, and what mindsets you may need to adjust. Some good questions to ask yourself are: what’s worth standing for… and why?

 Keep your values in mind as you lead. They will be evident in your actions, decisions, and conversations. Your values will guide your thinking, responses, goals, and vision. Ask your people. They know what the values really are.

 Reflect on your actions at the close of the day and attach them to values. The process will change you, your team and your organization. Your people will see a nobler, genuine, trustworthy leader who is worth following.

 What do you think? How are you making use of your values? Is it time for an assessment and adjustment? I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at 714-267-2818, , LinkedIn or my website at

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 Peace and Blessings,