The Humility/Power Challenge for Godly Leaders

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For generations, workplace humility was seen as a detriment, not an advantage. For the greater part of the 20th century, leaders believed organizations were best run with power, intimidation, authority and ego. Employees were told what to do and were shown the door when they failed to comply. Decisiveness, toughness and assertiveness were deemed leadership strengths. Facts and figures ruled the day, and leaders seldom prioritized employee needs.

This is a classic space where work and faith were compartmentalized. The idea of humble, servant leadership was taught but not often caught by workplace leaders.

I find in coaching this tension is alive and well and difficult. This is a place that God invites leaders to grow closer to the Creator.

“Lord, how can I lead humbly and boldly?”

“Father God, how do I humble myself and lead my organization well?”

I challenge you to find a quiet place. Ask the Lord the questions and then spend 5 minutes listening!

God gave you leadership qualities and encourages you to live into your vision with your God given creativity while developing humble leadership. It in not an either or, it is an AND!

And He wants to show you the way. He wants to be WITH you. Will you invite God into your leadership journey?

The leadership growth journey is for the brave. The growth of your humility lies with you and God and you and people. Who speaks into your life the truth regarding your leadership? Have you tried a 360 to see how those closest to you experience you? 360s are a great tool for the courageous leader.

What has been your experience with the tension of leadership and power?

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