The Advantage of Humble Godly Leadership

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Employee mindsets have shifted from previous generations, according to current data. They want much more than a paycheck, seeking interpersonal connections with their leaders. They desire purpose, significance and the fulfillment associated with making a difference in the workplace. Employees want to contribute value and enjoy meaningful work. They need assurances that they’ll be given the opportunity to succeed at the tasks they’re assigned. They want to be valued, supported and encouraged. They’re looking for leaders who will connect with them and meet these needs.

When employees’ needs go unmet, the organization also suffers. Morale and attitudes steeply decline, and engagement and work ethic follow suit. Productivity and effectiveness drop, and overall business performance significantly deteriorates.

The call is for relationships.

A culture of humility starts with the leader. The normalizing of work difficulties and the expectation of navigating to a successful end sets the organizational tone. That happens most effectively in relationship.

Can you lean into your own difficulties with those you lead?

Can you recall a similar time when you felt vulnerable or embarrassed by a mistake and use that as a bridge, a bridge of humbleness.

Humility leans into the discomfort.

Humble leaders  are more adept at meeting people’s needs because they connect with them at the most basic human level, explain organizational leadership consultants Merwyn A. Hayes and Michael D. Comer in Start with Humility: Lessons from America’s Quiet CEOs on How to Build Trust and Inspire Followers (CreateSpace, 2010). Employees sense sincerity, care and openness in a humble leader. They see someone who puts a higher priority on people’s needs than his or her own. They value a leader who will help them succeed and develop into a better worker, which promotes purpose and self-esteem. Employees become inspired and respond with respect and trust.

Don’t you love it when secular advise looks like godly wisdom. God’s Word and presence is the foundation for humility. We stand humbled at the feet of Jesus in stillness and wonder knowing more stillness, more wonder and more humility are really good for our souls.

Are you finding “still time” with God? Are you comfortable with the call to humility?

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