Humble Behaviors of Godly Leaders

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Before determining how best to reflect humility, it’s important to grasp what it is and what it looks like. Perhaps pastor, speaker and author Rick Warren expresses it best: Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.

When encountering humility, employees feel they are listened to and heard, and their best interests are served. They experience humble leaders growing and empowering them, rather than controlling or manipulating them. Humility allows leaders to relate to their people more personably, fairly and reasonably. Humble leaders deemphasize their own importance by emphasizing their people’s worth.

A leader’s desire to meet people’s needs cultivates a loyal following and promotes positive responses. The entire organization benefits when people and practices operate optimally and life at work is enjoyable.

Traits of Humility

·       Admitting Mistakes

·       Empowering People

·       Active Listening

·       Crediting Others

·       Engaging Empathetically

We will explore these areas in more depth next time.

When you look at the “Traits of Humility” list which is an Achilles Heel for you?

Have you considered coaching as a tool to increase your humility factor as you maximize your potential?

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